Portraits of
Hans Christian Andersen

C. A. Jensen: Portrait of Hans Christian Andersen, 1836

In the Hans Christian Andersen Collections at Odense City Museums there is a large number of portraits of the poet - photograpical as well as printed and drawn.

This webpage enables you to search the collection of portraits - and thereby have a look at the portraits, including those which are not exhibited at The Hans Christian Andersen Museum.

We are presently digitizing the collection of portraits as well as other Hans Christian Andersen collections. There will continuosly be more pictures available at this page.

The images may be used for non-commercial purposes with the following notification: Source: Odense City Museums. The images may not be resold, used for advertisement, nor other commercial purposes.

You can order the images in a high resolution suitable for reproduction purpose by sending an e-mail to: museum@odense.dk

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